Advertising Opportunities

WODevents is Europe’s leading website for all events that are taking place throughout the continent in Crossfit, weightlifting, strongman, obstacle runs and more. From the biggest Throwdowns, workshops and trade fairs, through to strength, gymnastic, mobility, power lifting and strongman seminars, WODevents has it all covered. Updated daily, our website is the place to go for all coaches, facility owners and athletes that wish to plan their competition calendar or look for opportunities to further their education.

More than 15.000 website visitors, 40.000 page views and 13,500 Facebook fans follow our daily event updates. They are a proactive group of Crossfitters, professional coaches, box owners, fitness companies and event organizers, alongside everyday athletes that sign up and often travel to compete in events or take part in seminars all across Europe. This audience is prepared to invest financially in their health, fitness and personal athletic goals.

Advertising on WODevents affords you the opportunity to directly reach this proactive and highly specialized audience. With 95% of all visitors coming from Europe, your content will be seen in an environment that promotes excellence in functional fitness, by the athletes, influencers, fitness companies, coaches, event organizers and enthusiasts that shape and push this community forwards. In this niche market you have the opportunity to advertise, but also to become the official and exclusive sponsor of WODevents.

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